Thursday, April 20, 2006

Zhang Ziyang Zhen Ren Gong Xian Ren Dong

The completed shrine hall, courtyard and pavilion in Spring 2002.

A temple in southern Shaanxi province dedicated to the immortal Zhang Ziyang, who lived in the area during the eleventh century. Also known as Zhang Boduan, he was a disciple of Liu Haichan and is well known as the founder of the Southern Lineage of the Quanzhen tradition, and for his classic work on Daoist inner alchemy, the Wuzhen pian, or Chapters on Awakening to the Real. For many years he lived in a cave on the southern bank of the Han river and it is here that he cultivated himself and obtained immortality. The town opposite this cave, on the north bank of the river, is named Ziyang after him, and the cave itself contains a shrine to the immortal.

Next to this cave there is a small valley that is the site of the new temple Zhenren gong.
The temple is called ‘Zhang Ziyang Zhen Ren Gong Xian Ren Dong’ which means ‘Zhang Ziyang True Person Temple Immortal Person Cave.”


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