Friday, May 12, 2006

Shoutien Temple, Taiwan

Shoutien Temple Located at the platform at the southern end of Bagua Mountain, the palace can
overlook as far as the Western Plateau and Taiwan Strait.

Known as Shang-ti Kung (Supreme Emperor) by people in Taiwan, Hsuan-Tien Shang-Ti (Supreme Emperor of the dark Heavens), is also named Chen-Wu Ta-Ti (Great Emperor of True Martial) and Pei-Chi Ta-Ti (Great Emperor of the north Pole). He is the deity of children, butchers and sailors. When Koxinga Arrived Tainan in 1661 morphology of the coast look like a snake and a tortoise and ordered temples to be built as Hsuan-Tien Shang Ti stepped on a snake and a tortoise.

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