Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chang Tao-Ling

Zhang Daoling (张道陵, Wade Giles: Chang Tao-ling), also called "Zhang Ling." Eastern Han dynasty (2nd Century CE) Taoist hermit who founded the Zhengyi Mengwei Tianshi Dao ("Tradition of the Celestial Master of the Mighty Commonwealth of Orthodox Oneness") sect of Taoism , also known as the "Tianshi Dao" ("Way of the Celestial Masters") sect or the "Wudou Mi Dao" ("Way of Five Bushels of Rice") sect.According to tradition, in 142 CE, Lao Zi (Lao Tse) himself appeared to Zhang Daoling on Mount Heming, and informed the hermit that the world was coming to an end, to be followed by an era of Great Peace.

Image of Chang Tao-Ling from "The Mythology of All Races, Vol. 8" by John Ferguson & Masaharu Anesaki.

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