Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hanford Taoist Temple

Taoist Temple
Hanford's Chinatown grew and prospered rapidly to include its own restaurants, additional homes, grocery stores, laundries, tobacco shops, herbal shops with several herb doctors in residence, sundries stores and, of course, many gambling establishments; a virtual "city within a city." It is a fascinating adventure to visit the Taoist Temple and museum. Allowing us a step back into history we can almost feel the presence of worship in the temple and business of living within the alley. After climbing the steep steps to enter the temple, one is surrounded by vestiges of a by-gone era. Furnishings are the original pieces with the exception of some flowers on the main altar table which were donated by a couple from Bakersfield following the demise of the originals. The building is constructed of "on-site" hand made brick, creating one foot thick walls. The internal walls were then covered with a thin layer of plaster which was painstakingly painted to simulate brick.