Friday, July 27, 2007

Inside the historic Bok Kai Temple in Marysville

Candles burn inside the historic Bok Kai Temple in Marysville

Return of the Bok Kai

by Katie Lawrence

Issue date:Section: News 2/16/05

"Bok Kai is the main deity, who controls the flooding and can banish evil." explained Keith Bogt, one of the temple's volunteer caretakers.

During 1850 and 1900 the Marysville Chinese population in the northern Sacramento valley was so large that at times it ranked second only to San Francisco. Most of Marysville's Chinese population was part of the Chinese workers from the mines and on the railroads. They brought their traditions and religion with them and erected Bok Kai Mui, which translated means, "Temple of the North side of the stream."

Bok Kai is the Chinese God of Water. It is said that some of Bok Kai's powers are to oversee irrigational waterways and rain. Bok Kai Mui is the only surviving Taoist temple in the western hemisphere with Bok Kai as its central deity."

Media Credit: Stephen sylvanie