Friday, April 21, 2006

The Da Cheng Hall, Taipei Taiwan

The Da Cheng Hall

The Da Cheng Hall is the main building of a Confucius temple, and the tablet of Confucius is placed here. The tablet is placed on a very high platform with steps leading up to it. In front of the Da Cheng Hall is a platform called the Dan Chi, where, during the Confucius ceremony, the musicians stand and young boys dance the six-fold formation dance. In the ancient times there was also an eight-fold formation dance, performed by 64 dancers.

On the left and right walls are the tablets of "Fu Saint" Yen Tzu, "CHong Saint" Tseng Tzu, "Shu Saint" Tzu Szu, the "Lesser Sage" Mencius, and the Twelve Philosophers.


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