Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Golden Hall at the top of Heavenly Pillar Peak

The Golden Hall at the top of Tianzhu Peak weighs more than 100 tons. This gold-plated bronze hall has withstood 500 years of rain and wind, thunder and lightning.

Mt. Wudang has 72 peaks enshrouded by clouds and mist the year round. Tianzhu (Heavenly Pillar) Peak is the highest and the others bend toward it, creating a spectacular sight. Legend has it that, Chenwu, the god of the northern lunar mansions, was born on Mt. Wudang and practiced austerities, attained immortality, and went up to heaven there. Historically, the famous Taoist shrine on Mt. Wudang has attracted many people.

From: Taoist Buildings on Mount Wudang


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