Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Chinese Dark Lord of the North - Xuan Wu

Very ancient drawings of a black snake and tortoise together symbolize the Dark Lord. These reptilian creatures, the snake and tortoise, were probably themselves worshipped or were powerful medicine to help in overcoming one's enemies. From Shang times onward, the flag bearing this symbol was part of the king's color guard.

The Chinese Dark Lord of the North - Xuan Wu

The Dark Lord of the North or Xuan Wu Da Di is a deity that comes from the pre- history of shamanic times (c. 6000 BC). In relatively modern Chinese prehistory (c. 1200 BC) the Dark Lord has become the human figure of a warrior with wild, unruly black hair, dressed in the primitive clothing of the tribal peoples of Neolithic times.

The Online Journal of the I Ching, Yi Jing


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