Monday, March 12, 2007

Zhongli Quan

Zhongli Quan, or Chung-li Ch'üan, is one of the most ancient of the Eight Immortals (the oldest is Iron-crutch Li) and the leader of the group. (Some people consider Lü Dongbin to be an informal leader.) He is also known as Zhongli of Han because he was born in the Han Dynasty. He possesses a fan which has the magical ability of reviving the dead. He has a very rare double-character surname, Zhongli.(From Wikipedia)

Bamboo Carving of Zhongli Quan.

Circa 1880. One of the eight Immortals, Zhongli Quan is usually shown holding a fan.

From: LiAsia Gallery 31 SPRING ST., WILLIAMSTOWN, MA 01267