Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pure August Jade Emperor, Yü Huang Shang Ti

Pure August Jade Emperor, Yü Huang Shang Ti.

Also known as Tien Kung, he is the supreme deity of folk religion.

The Jade Emperor dwelt in the Jade Castle of Abstraction, high above the earth and the thirty-three heavens, according to some accounts; or according to others, on the Mountain of Jade in the K'un Lun range. Here, on the shore of the Jade Lake, grew a Jade Tree, which measured three hundred arm lengths across and whose red jade fruit conferred the boon of eternal life.

Images of the Jade Emperor normally show him seated in imperial robes, his flattopped crown notable for the short strings of pearls that dangle from the front. He holds a short, flat tablet in both hands before his chest.

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